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Several years ago i was a member of a special research group under the supervision of USAF. We collect the evidence of alien crimes. Here is some reconstruction of aliens laboratory. These guys are smart and I really like them !

Alien Crimes -


Here's my hobby. Machines that fuck, suck, make love etc. I have a lot of blueprints, schemes and here show you some examples from my huge collection. From ancient time to modern days. Cum, see the progress !

Fucking Machines -


What happens if we limit human movement ? If we tie he/she and put in this position for a long time ? This is a very significant problem. Blod flowaround, psychic condition are changed dramatically. Franly speaking, it's my favourite problem. I found asian girls are more accomdable! This is unbelievable, but it's true.

Asian Bondage Probes -