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How long women can stand humiliation ? How strong must be tortures to make her agressive ? Where is the edge between pleasure and pain ? I'm proudly introduce you Dr.Farrel results on this problem. Here - some sample drawings from his lab, made by him. Dr.Farrel is oldfashioned guy and don't use photography. He said, drawings more accuratly reflects the situation.

Dr.Farrel sessions -


Sperm consists of pure protein. The luck of food in poor countries is a big problem. How can we help them ? If women start to eat mens cum, it may save a lot of food ! I put it to test and found amasing fact. After a short period of training, all ladies enjoyed cum eating and may stand without any other meal for couple of weeks ! United Nations are very interesting in this. We are working together with new social project for Third World called "Suck and Survive".

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Here are short movies from our labs. We are working hard for science.

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